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This is €12 million more than in the current year, announced the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz. She said that next year’s accounts are “solvent, serious, realistic and adjusted to the economic and financial plan of the City Council,” and trusts that budgets will be approved initially in plenary session.

She wants the budget to be finalised before Christmas so that it can enter into force at the beginning of the year

Some €26 million will be reserved for new investments in the Costa del Sol city, with “a significant sum” to be spent on the second phase of installing a video surveillance system in the city.

The council plans to spend €3 million on remodelling existing parks and creating new ones and €1 million for the comprehensive refurbishment of the Serrano Lima Swimming Pool.

Another €1.5 million is set aside for buying new school buses and €2 million for the Housing Plan, which is mainly used to help young people pay rent.

“The objective of incorporating into our municipal heritage of land, equipment and public housing is going to be a tonic throughout the legislature,” aid Muñoz. She added: “Proof of this is that we are going to sell those flats, garages and premises that have no use, or those luxury homes that have no use either, so we can invest in affordable housing and better equipment.”

The Mayor also highlighted the creation of a multidisciplinary team that will be responsible for drafting the General Plan for Urban Planning (PGOU) as well as the recruitment of more Local police and firefighters.